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Registration Fees

Category SBC, ACM or AIS Until April 13th, 2016 Between Apr 14th and 30th, 2016 After May 1st, 2016
Professional Non-Member R$ 390 R$ 440 R$ 490
Professional Member R$ 330 R$ 380 R$ 430
Graduate Student Non-Member R$ 200 R$ 250 R$ 300
Graduate Student Member R$ 160 R$ 210 R$ 260
Undergraduate Student Non-Member R$ 90 R$ 110 R$ 130
Undergraduate Student Member R$ 70 R$ 90 R$ 110


Registrants will receive a registration kit and will be allowed to attend keynote speeches, panels, technical sessions, EISI, WTDSI and WICSI workshops and the GranDSI-BR seminar. There is an additional fee per short course.

Society Members

Members of SBC, AIS ou ACM must have paid the 2016 membership fees to be entitled to the reduced fares for society members. Proof of membership will be requested at the registration desk.

Author Registration

One registration is required for each accepted paper. Authors with more than one paper need a different registration for each paper.

Papers accepted in the main track, EISI and GraDSI-BR will be published in the proceedings only if at least one author is registered as ‘Professional’.

WTDSI papers require that at least one author be registered as ‘Graduate Student’ or in a higher category.

WICSI papers require that at least one author be registered as ‘Undergraduate Student’ or in a higher category.

Student Registration

Students, including society members, must present a proof of enrollment at the registration desk. Documents must be valid during the symposium dates. Documents without a issuing/expiration date will not be accepted.

Additional Fee for Short Course

Category SBC, ACM or AIS Until April 13th, 2016 Between April 14th and 30th, 2016 After May 1st, 2016
Professional Non-Member R$ 80 R$ 90 R$ 100
Professional Member R$ 70 R$ 80 R$ 90
Graduate Student Non-Member R$ 60 R$ 70 R$ 80
Graduate Student Member R$ 50 R$ 60 R$ 70
Undergraduate Student Non-Member R$ 40 R$ 50 R$ 60
Undergraduate Student Member R$ 30 R$ 40 R$ 50


Registration in the main event is required to register in short courses.